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Background (Josh)

My dad owned a small print business so I grew up around Adobe programs (photoshop) and the Macs (pictured). This background meant I was designing every chance I got and have countless unused logos & PDF's littering old hard drives!

Before, building websites never put a smile on my face like design. I tried Dreamweaver in the early 2000's and found WordPress around 2010. WordPress is an incredible tool but never allowed me to place a vision onto a web page.
Enter Webflow! Learn more.

I was working as a B2B salesman for a small SME when I heard of an interesting brand trying to electrify vehicles. They also had one that went 0-60 in 2.5 seconds which I had to try! Once I'd tried I couldn't help myself joining TESLA in 2017. I spent five years as a successful salesman/ manager and still love the product and company.

Apple Power Mac G4 (2003) & Power Macintosh G4 (2002)

Design, Development & Sales

Great design engages with the intended audience whilst transferring information effortlessly. Part of design is finding inspiration and rebranding that to suit a clients/ businesses personality. I love this search for inspiration, challenging ideas and reworking until an outline forms.

Development is the unseen foundation -  solid to allow for scale and growth. Creating an online experience that has flow and ease starts with design and structure, however, it is modern JavaScript that transforms a design into a website with movement and motion.

Websites are a sales tool to generate a ROI. A website builds customer trust by presenting a professional front and delivering the information a prospect requires to the next step of the buying process.

Now, Josh...

I'm 30 and am extremely fortunate.

I live in a happy household with my beautiful fiancé (Emily), dog (Mila) + cat (Bramble). I work from home growing Yolkk Ltd by day and enjoy time with family and friends by night.

I'm a freelancer working my way to becoming a small web agency owner.