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Yolkk needs to understand what you're looking for in a new website? What's been your past experiences? What concerns you most? Who is your target audience?

Following understanding and overcoming any objections we can understand if we align and price the project based on website size, build complexity, design needs and any alternative contributing factors.

Following you giving the green light we need to show you what's possible. We'll dive headfirst into competitors and industry leading websites and ask where your preferences lie.

Leave us for around a week and we'll be back with draft one. We aim to light a fire! Some clients think their website is a tick box exercise, now even the most skeptical understand it can lift the company and be a positive ROI. Of course there's still a long way to go but we hope to change you from a passive participant to an active!

We build draft pages until you're ready to move further. Drafts move from 'desktop only' to tablet and mobile friendly. Following another green light we build. Leave us for 1-2 weeks and a website is formed.

It's likely Yolkk will aid with design and copy but following the build you get to spend as much or as little time as you wish altering copy and ensuring the website is a representation of your products and services. Copy can of course be altered anytime in the future easily, by yourself.

It's time. We have a fully formed polished website.

We've encountered so many business owners that have had bad experiences with past websites including; access, control, alterations, hosting issues - we want to ensure you're setup to succeed.

Firstly, we're on hand to help when you need. Nevertheless, what we really enjoy is providing custom tutorial videos that can be saved and referred back to, ensuring you can; add new pages, change images + copy, alter SEO and add new blog posts.


Introductory call
Understand business
Understand needs
Outline work
Official quote
Draft Pages
Custom key-visuals
Colour exploration
Clear hierarchy
SVG logo
Site navigation
Draft approval
Design Implementation
Site structure
Sales & conversion
Cookie banner
Image compression
Blog template
Custom code
DOM size
Add domain
Submit sitemap

Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Lead gen form end-point
CRM integration

Custom tutorial videos
Ongoing support
Alteration assistance


The diagram above is a little wooden.

It outlines what web design & developers need to consider when moving forward with a project but it doesn't mean our clients need to consider all these items, you're paying for our expertise.

Where the above falls short is showing we find a lot of that process great fun! 

We genuinely enjoy; getting to understand a business, finding how a website can complement your sales process, understanding your design preferences and then being creative ourselves + handing over a new website and seeing the businesses have a new lease of life. We relish tackling the challenges head on, graphs are good, we're better.


It's difficult to outline our process when we adapt based on customer needs and wants.

I believe we do a great job keeping customers up to date and chasing to ensure projects are moving forwards. We plan and are organised but not by any means meticulous. We believe when matched with price, our services are the best we've seen but don't offer the cheapest nor most expensive websites.

We enjoy the services we offer. To understand more reach out and schedule a chat today.