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Included As Standard

Included As Standard
Included As Standard
Included As Standard
Included As Standard

Done correctly a new website is a single place anyone can see a snapshot of your whole business. It's therefore a hands on experience from both parties. Despite us not hiding this we offer a service and process that aids and guides our customers in order to generate the best outcome whilst not becoming overwhelming.

As of 2024 Yolkk is not VAT registered.



As Standard Your Website Will Have

Our standard website gives you a professional foundation enabling growth and longevity. Your website will have a; Homepage, About Us (inc basic Team), Services (x 3), Blog, Contact Us and Policies.

These aren't short pages. We advise building in a 'landing style' page style:

  1. What you do
  2. Outlining the problem
  3. Showcasing your solution
  4. Your unique process
  5. FAQ
  6. Call To Action

Deep Dive

Learning Your Business & Customers

We spend time to understanding your business, customers and competitors in order to create the ideal layout and journey. The website will educate users whilst signposting trust.

Reduce Time Spent Writing Copy

Copywriting from a blank page is a daunting task which is why we produce an AI written wireframe. The AI is customised following gaining an understanding of your business. This is where we hand over to yourself to mould the copy to reflect your company.


Website visitors skim your site rather than reading the structure as intended. Section headers combined with shorter paragraphs are what offer the most impact. We use wireframing tools so our customers can visualise and adhere to great website text placement.


Custom Design

Mood Board

We create a mood board with two design directions for your website.

Homepage Hero

The hero section of any web page is the first section users see. We give the homepage hero section additional time and thought to ensure results. First impressions matter.



GDPR Compliant
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Responsive | Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Building a website correctly is in our DNA. Title Tags, Fast Load Speeds, Open Graphs, Favicon's, Key Words, Header Tags and page redirects are all examined whilst building. This will ensure you keep (or slightly improve) any existing search engine rankings you've acquired. Even so, you'll have to spend more on SEO in order to rank for competitive keywords.


We signpost clients to help them setup a Google Business Profile and Google Analytics whilst also offer more advanced monitoring options.


Edit & Own

Grow and Edit In House (CMS)

The Content Management System we use is beautiful. Webflow is divided into two systems 1) For advanced design & development 2) For customers. We are proud that our customers can edit text on the page as well as add all kinds of pages and segments - see video.

Not Reliant On Yolkk

We hate the 'dealership' business model - sell low, make money on maintenance.

We instead believe in empowerment. Your website is placed in your own Webflow account giving you control and ownership.

Following going live we set ourselves up with guest access and hope for a continued partnership. Nevertheless, what you receive is a finished product owned by you.

Launchpad: £3,200

We only offer professional, scaleable websites and many customers don't need anything further. This Launchpad website package is an investment in getting things right by partnering with website design and developers that have built processes to ensure we deliver.



Exchange/ Swap: Blog

Included As Standard

A blog is a tool enabling your company to share news, articles that drive authority and above all create content to rank higher on search engines such as Google (SEO). Despite blogs being an incredible component, if you believe  your company would see more value from one the below options we'll create this instead.



1. Additional Service Pages

3 Included As Standard + Ability To Add

A Yolkk made website allows customers to add additional service pages themselves! However, as you grow services need categorising and sorting. In order to ensure information is accessible even as we add more pages we design and develop more advanced; navigation bars (nav), footers and linking category pages (that link out to services). The price below reflects a 'done for you state' whereby once copy is supplied we'll take care of the rest. The price reduces if you'd like to add the pages yourself.

2. Case Studies/ Projects

Highlighting relevant  projects can be a powerful sales tool.

3. More

Further ways to grow your website and customer engagement.


Show off high quality images of projects, people or more.


Showcase available jobs and descriptions. Upload CV's.


Create highly specialised pages or longer forms.

4. Design

Our platform Webflow affords us the opportunity to create stunning websites. Our pricing reflects the production of a professional website carefully designed and developed. Even so, some of our customers wish to go further - especially agencies and creative industries:


By having transparent pricing and adding more detail we hope our prospects can make more informed decisions. It's inevitable though that with more information comes more questions. Reach out below to receive a call back or a personalised video that clarifies questions or dives even deeper!

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Aproximate price
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