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Web Design

"Friendly and efficient, I would highly recommend Josh at Yolkk Ltd" Maria Chartres, Amalfi

"Stunning website that perfectly captures our brand and message" - Ian Taylor, Mercury Maynard

"Designed to be ready for Google Ads traffic. Speed of the sites is also great." - Tom Sowler, Ad Smith Digital

"A massive thank you for giving us your time and for analysing our website so impressively well" - Richard Evans, Back & Body Clinic

"Made the entire process incredibly smooth and hassle-free. Couldn't be happier with the results." - Ian Taylor, Mercury Maynard

"I'm most impressed with his level of experience. Yolkk also always deliver before the expected timeframe and consistently reply to my emails within 24 hours." Becky Lyons, Mums Coach

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A website needs to be discoverable by search engines.

  • Fast Loading
  • SEO Optimised
  • Sitemap
  • Quality Content
  • Structured


A website needs to engage its audience by capturing their attention with both engaging design and well written, concise copy.

Great websites deliver relevant information seamlessly. The longer a prospect is engaged the more time a website has to deliver key information and understand the benefits of your product over the wider market.


Our websites have multiple objectives:

1. Have impact enough to be memorable if buyer isn't currently ready. We wish for them to actively seek you out when they are set to purchase.

2. Showcase the information necessary for prospects to take the next step whether this be: complete form, call, newsletter sign up, book appointment etc.

3. Drive and encourage the customer to make the above step.


We LOVE Websites

It's 2023 and your website defines your image. Prospects only have to reach for their mobile and your business is at their fingertips.

We've become comfortable interacting with incredible online experiences and if your website doesn't deliver on a user's expectations, it's easier to move on than pick up a phone or email.

We firmly believe making information accessible and engaging is an investment that pays.

Picture of Yolkk owner Josh Windatt


Ian Taylor, MD



Colchester, essex, uk
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"Couldn't be happier with the results.

Working with Josh was an absolute pleasure - not only did he produce a stunning website that perfectly captures our brand and message, but they made the entire process incredibly smooth and hassle-free.

Throughout the project, Josh demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and expertise, while also keeping us laughing with his great sense of humour."

Josh McLaurin, Owner



Leicestershire, uk
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Yolkk was commissioned to overhaul my old website and create a new one. Yolkk was amazing to work with through the whole project. Everything was delivered before the deadline and I was most impressed by the work rate and attention to detail.

Josh was always on hand to offer valuable insights and his professional opinion. Yolkk was referred to me and I will also be referring Yolkk.

Maria Chartres, Owner



Little billing, Northamptonshire, uk
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"Josh has made my life so much easier, by designing the website in such a way that I can add and change my work when I need to update the photos and seasonal work.

He was quick and always at hand to answer any questions and help me make changes.

Friendly and efficient, I would highly recommend Josh at Yolkk Ltd"

Becky Lyons, CEO



Silverstone, Northamptonshire, uk
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"I'm most impressed with his level of experience. The  knowledge around colours and content gave me plenty to think about and re asses.

Josh is really good at interpreting my ideas and turning them in to a reality, I can be a bit wishy washy with detail but he always manages to know what I want.

Yolkk also always deliver before the expected timeframe and consistently reply to my emails within 24 hours."


Small Business

Compliment word of mouth sales and get started taking leads online. Stand-out with a professional website that is equal to your personal commitment.

OR £840 + (£65 x 24)

2. Small Business

Lets Discuss

... your business, methods and goals. Who are your customers and how do they interact with your business (word of mouth, ads, networking, etc)? Following an understanding we advise how we'd create in order to best compliment and what we'd need in order to produce calculable results.

Next, we search to find exceptional existing websites we believe align with your needs and discuss to see if our picture matches your brand.

3. Small Business

Leave us for around a week

We'll be back with draft one and aim to light a fire!

Some clients think a website is a tick box exercise but you're paying for a stand out website, not another website. Following draft 1 even the most skeptical understand it can lift the company and be a positive ROI. Of course there's still a long way to go but we hope to change you from a passive participant to an active!

4. Small Business

After some back and fourth

Plus,  many finishing touches, we have a website. Does it dance?

A website with Yolkk elevates your brand. Have some complimentary LinkedIn and Facebook banners and posts to continue this polished consistency. We'll have talked about this already but we'll teach you how to get the most out of the website. We can discuss Google analytics and more.

5. Small Business

You've invested in a stand-out website

It's important that ongoing charges aren't ruining a great product.

Transfer the site to your own Webflow account along with personalised video tutorials demonstrating edits. Or, leave your site in our capable hands.

Webflow charges roughly £13.50 per month for AWS hosting (inc. SSL).

Lead Generation

Medium sized businesses and companies looking to invest in an online sales strategy. We create a powerful sales tool and provide the foundations necessary for this tool to grow in house.

OR £1,920 + (£120 x 24)

2. Lead Generation

Lets Discuss...

Your business and website experiences. With Lead Generation sites we're typically working to reshape a medium sized outdated website or build in such a way that the site can grow over time with an in house team (additional services, blog posts etc).

Following understanding how you'll use the website we advise what is necessary to fulfil goals discussed.

3. Lead Generation

We then get to hunt!

Great websites deliver information seamlessly whilst engaging their audience. We're actively looking to complement but enhance your existing brand and we need to further understand if our vision matches your own.

In order to do this we'll find industry leading websites and ask for feedback on what aligns with your own thoughts and brand.

4. Lead Generation

First pick of the draft!

We'll put together your homepage and a services page to check we're on the right track. We're here to impress and it's rare we don't knock it out the park! Nevertheless, there's always feedback that ensures we're on track to continue building.

Finishing touches always drag a little but every email, meeting or Loom video gets us a step closer to the finishing line.

5. Lead Generation

Turn the ignition and we're live!

Follow plenty of back and fourth and many finishing touches we have a website. Testing, one, two, three (desktop, mobile, tablet) and we're nearly ready to change those DNS records.

Google Analytics is a must. We build to appease search engines but Google's web page speed test will keep us on track.

Yolkk elevates your brand. Have some complimentary LinkedIn and Facebook banners and posts to help advertise.

6. Lead Generation


Some businesses want immediate control of their website and we're all too happy to ensure 'x' number of people are ready to make minor changes and add blog posts, team job titles, add case studies, etc.

Webflow charges roughly £22.00 per month for AWS hosting (inc. SSL) that allows multiple editors to access the website. See more about Webflow.

Pro User

You want an incredible standout website built professionally but don't wish to pay agency costs (£10-30K). Implement advanced online strategies to capture leads and increase sales with a website tailored to your business needs.

OR £2,400 + (£200 x 24)

2. Pro User

Changing your company website is a sizeable task and you wish to ensure the company or persons that will look after your website can deliver.

The website refresh has potentially been very necessary however continuously pushed back due to previous prospective partners only ticking two out of three:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Person

We believe we can listen to your desired outcomes and provide the seamless transformation necessary.

3. Pro User

"Perfectly captures our brand and message."
"The highest level of professionalism and expertise, while also keeping us laughing with his great sense of humour."

We like to be open and transparent about our pricing structure but what companies are really purchasing is blocks of time.

Every input is a dial and these dials are slightly adjusted dependant on the customers needs. Website size, sales strategy, design needs, SEO...

4. Pro User

It wouldn't be a pro (professional) website without all the former needs being met, however typically a 'Pro User' is turning one of the former dials up dramatically.


When considering a larger website it's also important to deliver on structure. Think of creating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for your business and its operations. Imagine writing it all out and returning to edit it in one year. Will it be a headache to alter? Your website needs to be malleable and we take the time to ensure the website can scale as needs grow.

5. Pro User

The needs of our "Pro Users" vary. Prior to us designing we provide guidance on:

  • Layout and structure - sales
  • Design - using competitors & alt sites
  • Copy - understanding of what is needed and how we help

During the process we:

  • Ensure design and usability is pixel perfect
  • Build for SEO
  • Build to scale and grow

6. Pro User

Following the build we:

  • Support with SEO and advice
  • Teach staff how to add blogs, team members etc
  • Are always available to help

Upgrading your website to become a serious sales tool and transform your brand is always an investment that pays.


What's your team look like?

Currently Yolkk is just myself. I liaise, plan, design, develop and deliver.

How long does it take?

Four to eight weeks is a typical timeframe. Larger businesses often take longer (more moving parts).

How does it work?

We chat, we understand, we outline a proposal and if we connect we move forwards. Following an understanding of preferences and key objectives we start designing to provide draft pages for your review. There will be things you love as well as changes, in addition to parts that'll get rebuilt completely. Following draft 2, draft 3... we continue building until a new incredible website is formed. Ensuring the website is tablet and mobile friendly will be a consideration throughout, nevertheless we take the time to refine this journey now. Ensuring your site is optimised for search engines is extremely important. We will then test, and retest before the website is ready to go live. The site is transferred to your ownership (Webflow Account) along with personalised tutorial video files to help you make alterations yourself. We stand at the ready in case any more changes are necessary to ensure you're confident with the platform, website and content.

Do you work on other platforms?

Yes, we've fixed, improved and maintained WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify etc websites. However if starting from scratch our preference is always Webflow.

Your prices say "typically..."

Prices are based around how complex a project, design or development may be. We've created personalised hero videos, added custom coding and integrated websites into sales/ marketing tools. We believe in pricing transparency nevertheless price has to account for complexity.

What do I have to do?

As much or as little as you like!

Businesses have employed me to develop pre-made designs. Supplied excel files with structured website copy and generally come very prepared.

HOWEVER,  many of my customer lean heavily on Yolkk's website expertise. The best place to start is typically exploring your competition/ industry related websites. Ensure you note elements you like and don't like and we go from there.

What does Webflow cost?

Typically customers are paying around £12 or £20 per month depending on website size. See more.

Do I have to host with Webflow?

You can export a website away from Webflow as a static site or using tools such as Udesly however it's not a great solution. Like most other CMS platforms once started you're tied in to their ecosystem. Webflow is no different and it's hard to move away from their system. See more.

My friend has a WordPress website?

WordPress is an incredible open source CMS and had little competition between 2010-2020. It's now 2023 and we've found a better platform for both design/ development and continued website management. See more.

How many people use Webflow?

Webflow is used by more than 3,500,000 designers and teams to create, collaborate on, and scale beautiful websites.


Control updates
with Webflow editor

We design and develop using our chosen builder, Webflow.

Webflow is split with two systems. Webflow Designer allows us to create without limits. Designer allows Yolkk to leverage years worth of technical experience and generate more advanced website features. Webflow Editor is for customer use. Editor makes it simple to alter non-technical components, change copy and images in seconds.

Webflow is a platform built for both designers and non-technical teams.

Macbook Mockup showing Webflow Editor tool which allows users to change text on the page


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