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Yolkk on Webflow

Webflow is an incredible and modern Content Management System used by 3,500,000 designers and teams.

The platform allows Yolkk to seamlessly build visually engaging websites on desktop, tablet and mobile. With it's structured layout we easily teach clients how to edit their websites, add new pages, blog posts and images.

What we can't build on Webflow we can easily custom-code on top of this wonderful design and development tool.


Optimise SEO

Fine Tune SEO settings and automate with CMS.


ISO 27001 and the CIS Critical Security Controls


Fine Tune SEO settings and automate with CMS.


Easily copy and paste elements, pages, forms.


Manage larger websites seamlessly with CMS data.


Editor Tool - no complex dashboards or disconnected back end. Edit right on the page.


Fast, scaleable hosting by Amazon AWS (Cloudfront CDN).

Auto Updates

Webflow automatically updates to their latest versions improving security, speed and features.


Animations bring all the power of CSS and JavaScript into a completely visual experience.


Create components that can be used site wide. Edit one and see all components updated.


Building With

Webflow allows Yolkk to build custom built websites where the sky is the limit.

Use inspiration from industry leading websites. Engage audiences with interactions and animations.

Build efficiently with components and classes that can be copied across the whole site (Nav Bar, Footers, etc). If these components need changing there's no need to alter each page, one change will occur site wide.

Use advanced thought out SEO tools and alter designs to work on different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Integrate with third party services like; website analytics, payments (Stripe, GoCardless, etc), CRM's and many more.

Grow With

Webflow is split with two systems. Webflow Designer allows us to create without limits. Designer allows Yolkk to leverage years worth of technical experience and generate more advanced website features. Webflow Editor is for customer use. Editor makes it simple to alter non-technical components, change copy and images in seconds.

  • Webflow Editor - edit text and change images on your web page ensuring it looks visually correct before publishing.
  • Backups - Webflow automatically backs up your website. Made a mistake, easily restore backups.
  • Updates & Security - unlike WordPress which demands attention and updates often, Webflow will automatically update to the latest security and experience features.
  • Resuse - Yolkk ensure you're setup with growth in mind. Duplicate and edit pages, use CMS functions to write blogs.


Drag & Drop (Wix, Squarespace)

Drag & drop website builders like Wix and Squarespace are a great place to start if you need a functional website to house limited details about your business (picture, what you do, phone number).

Often the reason small business owners create using drag and drop builders is to present a professional front for the business. Unfortunately we've fixed countless websites that don't match with the creators vision and they'll employ our services following countless wasted hours.

The second negative is around scalability. When the business grows and you choose to invest further in a better online user experience drag and drop web builders limit what is possible.


WordPress is an incredible open source CMS and had little competition between 2010-2020. It's historically been very cheap, only recently starting to become more expensive with plugins like Elementor and WooCommerce charging monthly fees. It's now 2023 and we've found a better platform for both design/ development for the below reasons:

For us and many of our clients it falls down to user experience. WordPress has used the same template for decades and although it doubtless works for many it doesn't compete with the flow of modern systems.

WordPress mostly requires third party plugins that can slow website load times. Website themes allow developers to get a head start on a website build which is great (we use templates and components). Nevertheless, with WordPress it's complex to move outside what a theme offers without overloading a site with more plugins or jumping into HTML, CSS and JS.

WordPress is open-source and constantly updating. Despite the updates being welcome this doesn't happen automatically and requires consistent attention.


We'd recommend using Shopify if you're looking to grow a complex e-commerce presence housing 500+ products.



Following your website build we'll be transferring the website to your own Wefblow account. The platform only charges for hosting for a single website so costs nothing until the website is ready to go live.

  • Billed yearly Webflow costs roughly £12 per month and comes with an SSL as standard.
  • Adding CMS features, additional user logins increases the price to roughly £20 per month. This is great for growing websites but not necessary for small builds.


We like Webflow

We've built using WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and settled on Webflow.

I'm sure one day we'll find something that frustrates us about the platform but that day hasn't yet arrived so we'll keep enjoying what has been an incredible tool for Yolkk Ltd.