Our Process: Shaping Your Online Customer Journey


Following both parties fully understanding needs and services (see Intro popup) our exciting journey begins! This is the start of the 'Discovery' phase which focuses on design, copy and structure, aiming to ensure that every part of the website we create genuinely reflects your brand's voice and vision.

Having a contract in place means we already have a solid understanding of your business, its challenges, and your target audience. We'll present examples of websites that we feel match your mission and encourage you to do some research too. We'll discuss what elements make a website modern, elegant, fun, or professional, according to your preferences. Then, we'll assist you in developing the website's copy, selecting imagery, and ensuring we have a clear agreement on what design success means for you.

Execute, Drafts, and Feedback

Let's put our plan into action and start with the initial drafts. As you polish the supplied copy to its final form, we focus on creating the first versions of your homepage and services page. This process typically takes about 1-2 weeks, after which we'll schedule a feedback session. We make sure to send you these drafts well in advance, giving you ample time to experience the new design, feel it out, and have internal discussions about what aspects are hitting the mark and what needs fine-tuning.

Based on your feedback, we return to the drawing board to implement the necessary changes. This iterative process may repeat a couple of times, ensuring the final product is precisely tailored to meet your unique needs. Once the designs get your approval and the final copy is in place, we proceed to develop the full website, transforming our collaborative efforts into a cohesive, functional digital presence.

Brining Your Website To Life

With the homepage and a service page set, we've established the unique personality of your website. Our next step is to extend this character across the entire site. We'll diligently work on your 'About', 'Blog', 'Contact' pages, and any other pages we previously discussed, ensuring consistency and cohesion in the design and functionality.

After this phase, we'll have another detailed discussion to confirm your satisfaction. It's common at this stage to have significant changes or enhancements to consider. Our expertise as designers shines here; we're committed to impressing you with both stunning design and seamless functionality. This approach allows us to rely on our professional judgement while involving you in key decisions, providing a clear vision of the final product. This method surpasses the limitations of basic wireframes or static mockups, offering a more dynamic and engaging development experience.

Final Thoughts

Yolkk's process is designed to achieve the highest quality outcome whilst ensuring our customers feel involved but also not overwhelmed. Yolkk provides a service that culminates in a distinctive digital identity, crafting a website uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs.

We believe we provide an incredible end product whilst also delivering an enjoyable and rewarding experience for our clients. If you're interested in transforming your digital presence, we encourage you to reach out and start a conversation with us today.