Yolkk's CMS, Webflow

Webflow is our chosen CMS and hosting platform.

Webflow Designer

Webflow allows Yolkk to build custom built websites where the sky is the limit. Use inspiration from industry leading websites. Engage audiences with interactions and animations, ensuring your users are excited to explore more.

Webflow Editor

Webflow Editor is the online tool used by our customers. Use Editor's modern user interface to edit text and change images easily. Own a professional website that can be scaled without the need for a developer. We've built systems that allow our customers to manage all of the below in house:

  • Difficulty Easy - Blogs, Testimonials, Job Openings, Legal Policies (T&C's, Cookies)
  • Difficulty Medium - Services Pages, Projects, Case Studies, Job Boards, Documents (Brochures etc)
  • Difficulty Hard - Timetable, Video Proposals, Podcasts, Client Area, Gallery

Updates & Security

Unlike WordPress which demands attention and updates often, Webflow will automatically update to the latest security and experience features. No more broken plugins.

Webflow, Final Thoughts

We firmly believe that:

1. Visually Powerful Websites Matter

Webflow distinguishes itself as an exceptionally effective and user-friendly platform for crafting visually striking websites. A key aspect of our approach, as showcased in Yolkk.com's design, is minimising load times between pages to enhance user experience. We've incorporated elements reminiscent of a mobile app, such as the use of popups to deliver information without the need to navigate away from the page. This feature, which aims to keep users engaged and informed without unnecessary delays, is something we believe is uniquely achievable through Webflow.

2. User Experience Equals Users

Our commitment is to empower clients with tools for development and growth. Webflow's Editor enhances user experience, making it simple for clients to modify text, images, and more. A seamless user experience is key; if it doesn't resonate with users, the product will be underused, affecting return on investment.

3. Break Limitations, Not the Bank

Self-coded websites can be time-consuming and challenging to upgrade without a developer. Other website builders often restrict you to their predetermined layouts. Webflow transcends these limitations. With Webflow, we can now offer unprecedented freedom in web design—choose any feature you admire from the 1.13 billion websites online, and we can replicate and tailor it to your brand, uniquely.